5 Pack -TERRAIN-VISION 12V DC 30/40 Amp 5-Pin SPDT Automotive Rocker Switch Relay Harness Set with Interlocking Relay Socket Kit

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User Manual for Instruction can be downloaded under Technical Details.Inner SILVER-based Contactor, 12VDC (14V Max) 40/30 Amp 5-Prong SPDT Relay for All auto-devices equipped with 12 Volt DC power source.Heavy-duty Interlocking design UL Flame retardant 9″socket Harnesses for 12/14 AWG wires.I/O Wire instruction:Black / Ground (85), Blue / VDC (30), White / Trigger (86), Red / Output N/C (87a) ,Yellow / Output N/O (87).1 Year Warranty; Package Included: 5x SPDT Relays + 5x Harness Sockets.

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TERRAIN VISION Spdt Relays are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturers’ specifications for performance and durability.

Compatible with almost all automobiles and devices equipped with a 12V DC power supply.
Wide range of use, can be used in automotive setup, seat warming, vehicle lighting system, car sound system and various other applications.

Package Included:
5x SPDT Relays + 5x Harness Sockets

NO 40A 14VDC
NC 30A 14VDC
Max Operating Current: 40A
Coil Voltage: 12V DC
Coil Current: 154 mA
Shock Resistance Functional: 20G Min.
Shock Resistance Destructive: 100G Min.
Ambient Temperature: -40C-+85C(no condensation)

Pins on the TERRAIN VISION SPDT 12V DC 30/40 AMP Relay
-30 = Constant [positive (+)] power (usually wired directly to car battery).Pin 30 is always connected with pin 87a until the coil is magnetized, which pin 30 then becomes connected with pin 87.
-85 = Coil ground (wired to the negative (-) battery terminal or any grounded metal panel in the car)to activate and magnetize the internal coil.
-86 = Coil power (wired to the control source.It could be a switch, or it could be the car’s IGN or ACC circuit.)
-87= Normally open contact(NO). Switched [positive (+)] power output. (when the relay coil is powered, lead/pin 87 is connected to lead/pin 30)
-87a = Normally closed contact, also known as NC.[on 5 lead/pin relays only] This lead/pin is connected to lead/pin 30 when the coil is NOT powered untill the internal coil is activated or magnetized.

Please Kindly Download Installation Manual In This Page.

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